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   Tuesday, November 21st   
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Fairchild AFB, WA Fairchild AFB, WA Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

The Spokane Valley area is located in eastern Washington which holds the large city of Spokane and several other smaller towns. This is a fairly remote part of the state. Your BAH can be used to either rent on post or rent/purchase a home of your own off post in the Spokane area.

Click Here for current BAH rates at Fairchild AFB, WA

Off Post Housing

The price of a home for sale in Spokane is, on average, about $150,000. The average monthly rent in the Spokane area ranges from $600 for a one-bedroom to $1200 for a four-bedroom.
Spokane has about 210,000 people, the metro area about 471,000 people, and is the second largest city in Washington. Other local small communities include Airway Heights, Cheney, Spokane Valley, and Medical Lake. It is about a half hour commute from downtown Spokane city to Fairchild.
FairchildHousing.com has a good deal of information for airmen PCSing to Fairchild AFB, including local sports, what's good to hunt or fish here, local parks and fairs, museums and educational opportunities, and a short base history. Check out the tabs on the left.

Click here to see Single Family Rentals or Click here to see Apartments for Rent.

Click here to view Homes for Sale by Owner.

Click here for Real Estate Agents.

On Post Housing

Fairchild AFB on post housing is privatized and owned by Balfour Beatty Communities. Four neighborhoods with both single and duplex units offer 2-4 bedrooms based on rank and family size. The Circle Drive neighborhood offers full basements and 2-car garages; Fort Wright Village also has basements and fenced yards. Galena Station has fenced back yards, interior storage, and garages, while Palouse Hills has porches and is near walking paths and parks for children. Waitlists may be in effect since housing fills up quickly and the proper space may not be available for each family. Call the Fairchild housing office to learn more about specific homes and availability at (509)244-6500.

FairchildHousing.com has more information on the area around Spokane, WA, on base and off base resources, local housing rental rates, climate, attractions, and more. For local information pages, review the links on left of this page. On the right side of the page you will find links to local services and businesses.

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